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BBI of Chicago
August 2021

Digital marketing: looking at fintechs

By: Ana Luiza Oliveira.

For the consumer, financial institutions have become stale for too long because of the market’s low adaptability, where the business model was practically fixed and similar between the companies. The business model previously based on going to agencies to make any form of transaction, from the simplest to the more complex, created a certain discomfort due to the payment difficulties, high waiting period, and high bureaucracy. From an early time, traditional companies have been reluctant to use technology and the internet for the utilization of their services, something that changed with the appearance of fintechs.

Fintech is a term that was born from the union of two words, financial and technology, created to name startups whose objective is to optimize the financial system. These companies brought innovation to the market by significantly reducing the time needed to perform transactions, creating new forms of payment, and practically ending with the taxes imposed on the consumer. By restructuring the business model, removing the physical variable (bank agencies), and redirecting these costs toward marketing and the development of safe digital platforms, that are intuitive and efficient, these companies started to reach a new target audience: the young.

These young people were starting to acquire financial independence or joining the job market and did not identify with the outdated technology used by traditional companies. Fintechs have provided financial services easily and practically to a group that can effortlessly use technology and is always connected. This turnaround in the market forced traditional companies to adhere to digital marketing, updating their systems and migrating certain services to smartphone apps.

This change in the financial institutions gave the consumer an easy way into financial marketing, creating open doors even to the investment market. Currently, the young audience started to become interested in investing due to the easy access through the fintechs’ apps, which changed the country’s speculation market and helped to create several courses in the area. By associating their business model with technology, fintechs have created a revolution that affects several other areas of the current society, which shows the efficiency of the search for digital marketing.


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